'an understanding  approach with  sound advice'

‘an understanding approach with sound advice’

Jenny Nemko , M.A., L.G.S.M., Dip. Performance Coaching, Business, Member of the British Voice Association 

Who was it who said ‘those who can, do, and those who can’t teach’? Anyway, that’s not true of me because a great deal of the time I do practise what I preach. I deliver lectures, give presentations and broadcast for BBC Radio .

I’m well aware that an authoritative and approachable voice is a major tool in getting my message across before the radio is switched off! Some of the techniques I use were learnt from my acting days in the professional theatre and from my time at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London qualifying as a voice and speech consultant. These and many other tips I pass on to my academic and business clients.

As a trustee of an international charity, I need to develop rapport with potential new donors.  Pitching for funding makes me aware that giving a new or old presentation can sometimes be a very scary occasion.

In my coaching work, I put all my skills on the table and help my clients to gain greater competence and overcome the barriers to improving performance.


“What you taught us was constructive, interesting and practical and most relevant to everyday practice. I personally am determined to use your course as a foundation on which I hope to build a more effective manner of communicating”