This one-day programme is suitable for newcomers to lecturing as well as those wishing to re-assess and brush up their skills.  The course focusses on how to present material effectively using skills from an actor’s training.  The programme is highly interactive and involves discussion and practical exercises.  Participants are encouraged to bring along material that has been used before either successfully or unsuccessfully or material that will be used in the future.

The first session is designed to develop greater self-awareness of both non-verbal and verbal communication.  The second session examines the ways of engaging with an audience.  It offers guidelines for good practice and formats for delivering a successful lecture, seminar and conference presentation. The afternoon session provides you with individual strategies for enhancing your personal impact.




  • appearance, posture, eye contact, body language, voice
  • voice care, production and pronunciation
  • time and stress management
  • engaging students during a lecture
  • planning and structuring your lecture
  • introductions and endings
  • technical aids
  • classroom management
  • rapport and humour
  • questioning skills
  • managing discussion
  • recording and playing back introduction to lecture/seminar/conference

“The session on promoting and conducting discussions and interaction in the classroom was very useful.  Also recording the beginning of my lecture and the feedback was valuable.  I liked the relaxation exercises, voice exercises, practicing eye contact and posture”