Business Performance Coaching

'make positive changes'

‘make positive changes’

Business Performance Coaching is appropriate when you want to make some positive changes in your working life.

When you have the ability but believe that your performance is not maximised. When you want to enhance or change behaviours in order to have a greater impact on your team and organisation.

Most programmes are designed to run over a pre-determined period, often over six months consisting of twelve sixty-minute coaching sessions. Typically, I meet with you every couple of weeks and communicate via Skype/Face Time in between. I am there to inspire, support and advice in a non-intrusive way so you can reach increase your potential to make a difference.

The sessions covers

  • setting and breaking down goals
  • actions required to accomplish goals
  • removing inner barriers to performance
  • removing outer barriers to performance
  • techniques for change
  • personal effectiveness

“Thank you for enabling me to persevere in situations where I might previously have become despondent and given up. My more positive attitude is already leading to improved business figures which was, and is, a major goal.”