Inter-Personal Skills

'confidence and credibility'

‘confidence and credibility’

I believe that getting your message across to colleagues, staff and clients so that it is received as well as possible is an essential requirement in the business world of the 21st century.

The objective of  this course is to assist you to communicate effectively in and outside your organisation. The objective is achieved by examining the skills and principles of clear communication, developing inter-personal skills and practising these skills in a supportive environment. The course is highly inter-active involving discussion, practical exercises and case studies.


  • how others see you and how you perceive yourself – appearance, posture, body language, voice, eye contact, attitude and manner of speech ‘it ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it!’
  • putting ideas across effectively
  • the art of small talk
  • handling confrontation, questions and delicate situations
  • communicating commitment and expertise
  • constructive criticism
  • controlling and contributing at meetings
  • managing staff
  • internal consultations
  • a case scenario to improve the effectiveness of your communication with new existing, internal and external colleagues.
  • a face-to-face presentation as to what you and your department have to offer another department in the organisation

“A very friendly, enjoyable team building course. I now feel more confident about myself and will put techniques on posture, speech and eye contact into practice”