Successful Presentations

'communicate your vision'

‘communicate your vision’

This course provides a thorough examination of the skills and principles for successful presentations. The course is suitable for newcomers to public speaking as well as for those wishing to re-assess and brush up their skills.

The course aims to enhance confidence to speak in a natural and effective manner to all sizes of group, both formally and informally, and practice skills in a supportive environment.

The course is highly interactive involving off-the-cuff and prepared presentations, and the use of computer-generated graphics.  Participants are encouraged to bring along material that has been used before either successfully or unsuccessfully or material that will be used in the future. Professional recording equipment is used to evaluate effectiveness.


  • appearance, posture, eye contact, body language, voice
  • attitude and manner of speech
  • stress management
  • structuring your presentations
  • writing for the spoken word, notes and easy reading
  • delivering your material
  • communicating commitment and expertise
  • the art of persuasion, rapport and humour
  • awkward questions
  • handling the environment
  • adapting material to the audience
  • how to gain maximum benefit from visual aids

“Having been on presentation skills courses before, I appreciated Jenny’s emphasis on voice and communication as this is often not dealt with – probably because it is difficult to convince people they have a serious need for it.”