Whether to highlight expertise, promote research or to summarise a lecture for students to hear on-line, podcasting is a great way to reach your audience.  Effective vocal delivery is a vital component of a podcast.

This one-day workshop consists of three sessions.  The opening presentation gives a step-by-step demonstration on how to record, edit, host and up-load a podcast using free software called Audacity.   The second session focusses on the structure and writing of the podcast as well as how to deliver the spoken word in a natural, conversational manner.  The afternoon workshop includes recording and playing back sample podcasts for analysis and critique.  The day ends with a round table discussion.


  • what is pod-casting and how it can help you in your work
  • examples of effective and ineffective vocal delivery in a pod-cast
  • pitching content appropriately to intended audience
  • finding the story to tell in your research/work of your department
  • planning and structuring the story
  • writing the spoken word
  • interviewing and being interviewed for a pod-cast
  • managing tension
  • posture and breathing
  • vocal delivery – clarity, tone, pace, pause, intonation
  • recording and playing back your podcast

“Jenny has inspired me to want to do more!  Useful tips and strategies and I enjoyed the collaborative feed-back and discussion”