Television and Radio Interviews

'how others see and hear you'

‘how others see and hear you’

This two-day course is an introduction for those with little or no experience of facing the camera or microphone. I aim to give you the confidence to put your point across clearly and concisely.

The programme is designed to coach participants in how to present themselves and their organisations when under pressure during a television or radio interview. The skills covered will also benefit those who have to participate in a corporate video, internal training and video conferencing.

Day One looks at the techniques required for every kind of media situation. Day Two aims to maximise the novice broadcaster’s ability to put the message across in a succinct but persuasive way.

Professional audio and video recording equipment is used on both days to create realistic conditions and to enable the participant and trainer to evaluate performance.


  • Self-presentation – how do you want to be perceived
  • Appearance, dress, posture, eye contact, body language, voice
  • Communicating credibility, commitment and expertise
  • What to expect in a television and radio studio
  • Handling the media before and during the interview
  • Making the message relevant to the audience
  • Understanding organisational ground rules: responsibilities, restrictions
  • Appropriate responses for areas of concern and potential conflict
  • Delivery techniques
  • Coping with Nerves
  • The art of persuasion, rapport and humour

“Content full of substance and helpful. I feel I now know how to present myself to the media as my company’s representative. I commend Jenny Nemko highly”¬†